The Eternal Traveller Syndrome

by Damian Ucieda Cortes


Iberodocs Festival
Inauguración | Opening:  2nd of April at 18:0
2nd – 26th of April

Inteview Room 11 Gallery
38 Castle Terrace, Edinbirgh EH3 9SJ

Artists Artistas: Carolina Cruz Guimarey | Suso Fandiño, Ana Gallardo | Joan Morera | Óscar Santana | Igor Termenón | Damián Ucieda Cortés
Curator Comisario: Ana Conzález Chouciño & Antonio Cervera.

The Eternal Traveller Syndrome is the process of returning to one’s home culture after an extended period away, and experiencing difficulty in readjusting to an environment previously familiar”
Part of Iberodocs Festival, the 1st Ibero-American Documentary Film Festival in Scotland.